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Sales & Project Manager

Showtex - Full Time - Sydney, NSW.


27 September 2023

Imagine spending your working days in a company that breathes creativity. One that goes all out to bring to life the artistic ideas of event & entertainment professionals worldwide. A company that is part of an international group, but still feels like a family.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to ShowTex Australia. You know those drapes that define a theatre? Or the scenic fabrics that create a mood on stage? That’s what we do. Event decoration, trade show displays, fabric reveal systems? Yup, that too. As a worldwide leader in inventing, producing and installing highly innovative, flame-retardant textiles and suspension systems, we gladly spend our days tackling the most creative challenges in set building, stage and stand design.

How About You?

Commercial drive? Check.
You’ll obviously deal with client inquiries as a true expert, providing the highest levels of customer service. But no doubt you’ll proactively look for new business as well.

Hands-on problem-solver? Double-check.
We’re talking about handling sales and rental requests from start to finish: research and planning, following up on confection and installation, communication and administration. You’re the trusted ShowTex point of contact for your clients and a hands-on colleague for the team.

There’s a bigger picture though. As an ambitious account manager, you’ll obviously want to increase sales and rental volumes where possible, so start finding that market potential already! Here’s your dream job.

Sales & Rental

No doubt your main focus is on proactive sales and rental jobs, because that’s what makes you tick, right? You love creative problem solving and finding the best solution for your clients, nursing them with the right samples or marketing material and calculating feasible price estimates. Customer satisfaction for the win! Oh, and surely you will consult colleagues and other departments along the way, as we’re never too cool to pick each other’s brain around here.


Now roll up those sleeves, it’s time for some ground work. By setting up prospection meetings and participating in trade shows or events, you will get to know the market, competitors and trends like no other. The great organiser in you will, however, do proper research and planning first, before diving in. Preparation is key, right?

And again, you’re not in this by yourself. Together with your colleagues, you love developing strategies to approach changes and trends in the industry. We all want to grow our client portfolio after all.

Project Management

Ah, the thrill of managing a challenging project from A to Z, you love it. On-site meetings, surveys and measurements as well as briefing your colleagues of the production, transport and installation departments. You know the drill. You are obviously available from start to finish, even during the event if needed, and all along the way you never forget to communicate with your clients. Even after the sale, because they will be so eager to give you their feedback!
And you would never miss a chance to optimise your and our way of working.

Administration & Reporting

Ever heard of Navision? Because that’s what you’ll be using for all of the above. Making quotes, commercial follow-up, updating customer data, you name it. Of course, there’s also your agenda that needs to be up to date, the keeping track of expenses, the travel arrangements and producing reports. And while you’re in the office anyway, don’t forget the teamwork! Because we all pick up the phone and address clients with a smile. Good thing you have those communication skills for that.

Training & Experience

No doubt you speak English fluently, how else will you pull off those communication skills, but are there any other languages you can surprise us with? You worked in a similar commercial function for at least 3 years and ideally have a graduate degree in social or commercial sciences, theatre studies or textiles. Of course, we will love you even more if you can blow us away with your ability to visualise spaces and your technical interests. Add some computing skills and geometric insights for a perfect match!

Personality & Skills

  • Great communication, organisational and negotiation skills, driven by a strong commercial insight.
  • Quality-oriented problem-solver with technical interest, who is resourceful and fast-paced.
  • Always maintains an optimistic and hands-on mentality, even in stressful situations.
  • Able to autonomously organise and coordinate a project, meeting the deadline set
  • Good budget control skills and capable of accurate administrative work
  • Driven and eager to learn

What’s In It For You?

As our Sales & Project Manager, you become part of a dynamic and international workplace, representing innovative and high-quality products and services. The competitive compensation will surely underpin this.
The cherry on the pie? Without a doubt the creative industry we’re in and the amazing group of people you’ll soon call colleagues.

Convinced you’re the right person for the job? Let’s talk!


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