QSC Communities for Developers Goes Live

Developers can connect, share knowledge, and build on the power of Q-SYS with the support of QSC experts and partners


20 May 2021

QSC launches a new online worldwide developer platform, “QSC Communities for Developers.” It enables an engaged and scalable technical community of professionals and organisations to come together to collaborate, create and deliver with the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Through this new platform, a community of active “citizens” will have access to a wide array of unique development tools, direct access to QSC engineers and valued ecosystem partners, and an online forum to exchange ideas with colleagues around the world.

QSC Communities for Developers is a one-stop shop with fully searchable access to any Q-SYS development resources including a growing library of approved plugins, code exchange, sample scripts, design files, and user components, as well as an advanced Q-SYS SDK help system. It also offers access to private and public forums, ideation groups offering the opportunity to share fresh ideas and problem solve with peers, QSC advanced application engineers, and valued ecosystem partners.

“We looked to create a modern development platform where AV and IT users can come together in an authentic way, learn from each other and speak freely with QSC experts,” says Greg Mattson, Product Manager, Q-SYS Control, QSC. “It will also serve as an incubator for some of the brightest minds (and ideas) in our industry. The best ideas have always come from our developers and users, and we hope they use the platform to propel their systems and their developer careers while serving the community and the Q-SYS Ecosystem.”

“The unique technology foundation of the Q-SYS Platform gives developers the untethered freedom to create an amazing ecosystem of solutions,” says Jason Moss, Vice President, Alliances and Ecosystem, QSC. “This community enables unlimited possibilities to create and innovate at the software level within Q-SYS: all you need is the ingenuity, support, and the right tools to make it happen. For the citizens of QSC Communities, this platform provides the tools and support needed to create new opportunities.”

QSC: developers.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: tag.com.au


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