6 June 2018

Jands NZ has introduced a new brand identity and rebranded to JPRO.

“One thing that’s constant in the vibrant audio industry is change,” says JPRO Managing Director Bruce Gray. “We are proud of our heritage. For 30 years Jands NZ has lead the way in New Zealand, supporting musicians, businesses and institutions with their commercial and professional audio requirements. We have stayed on top of the changes as new products and platforms arrive in the market, grown and evolved with the times. Now we’re embarking on another change, as we leave behind Jands NZ, in name only, and introduce JPRO.”

“The initiative has been prompted through the recent changes which sees Jands Australia entering into the New Zealand market,” adds Bruce Gray. “We have seen this as an opportunity to promote our own New Zealand brand in a new and revitalising manner. JPRO will resonate with our market and at the same time avoid any confusion with Jands Australia. We remain committed to distributing Harman Professional audio solutions, while adding other brands and look forward to growing our vast inventory of audio products.”

“These are exciting times in audio and JPRO is building on an impressive track record,” comments JPRO Sales Director Paul Edlin. “Support of our integrator and dealer networks, which has been a key to our success, will continue, as will our nationwide audio training courses.”

The change took place on June 1st 2018 and included a brand refresh to reflect not only the industry but the attributes, history, values and essence of the company.

JPRO: www.jpro.co.nz


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