JTS SPT Wireless Audio Transmitter

When audio cable is impossible or undesirable, there’s JTS SPT.


26 June 2023

Review:/ Christopher Holder

Dramatically, JTS characterise this product as a ‘check mate’ moment in its promo video. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it’s certainly a ‘duh’ moment for a lot of audio people working in AV events.

The JTS SPT system is a wireless audio transmitter that obviates the need for cable runs to powered loudspeakers.

What circumstances would this be useful?

Perhaps not in your everyday meat ’n’ potatoes gigs but in circumstances where it’s hard to run cable — either logistically or aesthetically — it has a real place.

Perhaps when turnaround times are super tight and running and coiling 50m of cable can make a real difference to your schedule.

Or, here’s a scenario: how about you arrive at the venue and discover it’s larger or has more punters than you bargained on and you can quickly drop a pair of delay speakers into the room and send it audio wirelessly from the SPT transmitter.

Here’s another scenario: how about your band has a friend unexpectedly guesting for tonight’s show but your monitor setup doesn’t easily accommodate another wedge. SPT to rescue. Drop a powered monitor on stage and wirelessly feed it an aux output from your console.

You may need to send audio over an expanse of water or through some other impassible obstacle… 

Chances are. you’re bringing to mind an occasion when the SPT may have saved your skin or made life much easier.


Amber Technology: ambertech.com.au or 1800 251 367


I’m sure I don’t need to explain JTS to you: it’s a Far East microphone business that started as a me-too manufacturer but has earned respect over many years as a genuine audio designer and innovator.

The SPT system comprises a transmitter and two receivers. The SPT-IT transmitter looks like any other wireless rack unit. On the other end, the SPT-IR receivers are obviously chunkier and more industrial looking that your average IEM pack, and for good reason. The true diversity, dual antenna system helps ensure stable performance. The pack itself clings limpet-like to your powered loudspeaker via velcro or screwed in and feeds your speaker via a balanced mini XLR output with a supplied 50cm breakout cable. (My only thought was: I’m in a bit of trouble if I lose this breakout cable, but that’s just an observation rather than a gripe.)

Syncing the receiver to the transmitter is easily achieved via a proprietary 2.4GHz pairing routine called Remoset. SPT is a UHF system with plenty of bandwidth to find good clean Aussie spectrum. There’s 50mW of power that is enough to blast through any standard events conditions.

It’s a true two-channel system with two frequency settings, and individual delay times that are handily available to set in either feet, metres or milliseconds.


Running shows and events inevitably throw curve balls, and the contents of the audio person’s gig bag can often spell the difference between a great show and a disappointed client. I’d suggest that for the cost of a mid-priced dual-channel wireless mic system, the  JTS SPT is a cost-effective insurance package. Or, if you’re servicing events that are allergic to gaff tape then SPT will be your new best friend.

Whether SPT is a periodic lifesaver or part of your week-to-week workflow, it’s up to the challenge.

  • 36MHz bandwidth for six groups and 1441 frequency points
  • JTS 2.4GHz Remoset syncs frequencies and channel settings
  • SPT-1R provides six self-contained groups to avoid interference
  • Up to 800ms of audio delay available
  • Two channels, transmitting on different frequencies

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