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Transport Bar: LED Just The Ticket


1 December 2017

The Transport Bar occupies, arguably, the most visible and certainly one of the busiest intersections in Melbourne. Situated in Federation Square opposite the Flinders St. transport hub, the pub always knew its place — a hospitality venue as accessible as its enviable location.

Transport’s ‘come one, come all’ hospitality credo has always meant a significant role for televised sport. Since its establishment in 2004, Transport has always had screens designed into the remarkable interior architecture.


As part of a technical upgrade cycle the Transport Hotel Group assessed its options in an effort to turn Transport into not only one of the city’s favourite places to watch televised sport, but also one of the best.

Large-format LCD, video walls and LED were all investigated. After careful consideration, Transport pulled the trigger on two Aurora LED displays.

The displays are 3.84m (W) x 1.92m (H) and feature a 2.5mm pixel pitch. Given the average viewing distance in the venue of some 5m, the screen format is perfect for hi-def sports watching.

Tony Twitchett, Executive Chef of Transport is delighted with the results. “Patrons can’t believe the detail of the LED. It’s a great viewing experience. Even our fiercest competitors are reluctantly conceding we’ve totally nailed it!”


Aurora LED Integration Manager, Matt Vawser: “It certainly is an impressive outcome. Transport Bar is one of the busiest pubs in Melbourne and this installation demonstrates just how seriously it takes its televised sport. For Aurora LED it’s certainly a marquee project that we’re delighted to be involved in.”

The Aurora LED screens are a ‘plug ’n’ play’ package, making them a financially attractive alternative to video walls. The hardware cost is reduced as are the labour and integration costs — effectively, once installed, all the Aurora LED screen requires is an HDMI input and you’re good to go.

What’s more, the displays are impressively bright (1500 nits) ensuring the telecast can easily compete with the sunshine that pours through the floor-to-ceiling glazing of the pub.

Viewing angle is also a important consideration for an installation such as this. The Aurora LED displays feature 140° horizontal and 130° vertical viewing, meaning even patrons ordering at the bar can keep an eye on the score.


Aurora LED is backed by decades of experience regarding what’s required to successfully fulfil a deployment such as this — from a reliability, performance, installation and backup point of view.

High quality, fine pixel pitch LED is no longer the preserve of the big corporates, Aurora has now brought the technology within the reach of hospitality venues across Australia.


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