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Renkus-Heinz Sound Solution

Bared Footwear takes steps toward excellent intelligibility.


20 October 2022

When Anna Baird, podiatrist-turned-footwear-designer, decided to open a flagship store in Sydney — Australia’s Central Business District — she set out to create a store as stylish and comfortable as her shoes. However, designing the new storefront didn’t come without acoustic challenges. While the open spaces and sleek architectural details cultivated an inviting atmosphere, they complicated sound coverage and intelligibility for the in-store live music and DJ performances. To complete the illustrious store that stands in Sydney’s CBD today, Bared Footwear integrated a Renkus-Heinz sound system that ensures every shopper is immersed in the space.

“We want people to visit the Sydney flagship not only for the shoes but for the whole shopping experience,” explained Baird. The two-story flagship location features high ceilings, timber flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows inspired by the colonial heritage precinct across the street from the store. The design of the space was intentional from top to bottom with cultural reconciliation, public accessibility and sustainability all being top priorities. To accommodate for the AV challenges and address the need for an impeccable sound system for live music, Baird and her team turned to Affective Building Services.

Affective Building Services, a multi-disciplinary contractor based in Sydney, AU, worked with Renkus-Heinz’s Australian and Oceanic distributor, Amber Technology, to define audio requirements and ultimately advise on the best loudspeaker solution for the space.

To meet the needs outlined by Baird and her team, the C Series from Renkus-Heinz was specified and installed. Seven Renkus-Heinz CX41 speakers were strategically distributed around the store to deliver high sonic performance and intelligibility.

“When Bared Footwear approached Affective Building Services with the project, their team enlisted us for our technological expertise. We knew Renkus-Heinz would have the sound solution for the space,” said Richard Neale, general manager at Amber Technology. “The CX41 loudspeakers deployed in the Sydney flagship provide an outstanding, full-range coverage solution for both in-store DJ performances and the soundtracks played each day.”

The CX41 offers the power, versatility and full-range performance Renkus-Heinz is known for in a miniaturised, space-saving design. The compact speakers disappear into the background of the space, preserving the comfortable and stylish aesthetic Baird has cultivated. By delivering clear sound throughout the entire store, the CX41s were the perfect solution to help Bared Footwear create an ideal shopping experience.

“Once installed, the CX41s were virtually hidden, and customers weren’t distracted by large speaker boxes crowding the store’s corners,” added Brad Merriman, director of Affective Building Services. “Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers enabled us to create a space that not only looks stylish but sounds amazing.”

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