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Power Station Installs Electric Multimedia Experience

Niagara Parks Power Station reinvigorates post-COVID by developing an immersive multimedia experience with sound from Biamp Desono


18 January 2022

As part of its immersive multimedia experience, the Niagara Parks Commission needed to install superior audio equipment to help achieve the overall effect required for the project.

Through the implementation of Desono loudspeakers, the Parks Commission achieved the powerful audio results needed to make Currents come alive.

For over a century, the former Canadian Niagara Power generating station harnessed the energy of Horseshoe Falls, turning it into a great source of electricity. Since being retired from active duty, this pioneering hydropower project now serves as an educational destination, highlighting both its remarkable history and unique architectural features.

As part of Niagara Parks’ recovery initiatives relating to the pandemic and to help reinvigorate the local tourism industry, Currents, a new attraction, was created at the station. Described as “an epic sight and sound night show inside the heart of the plant,” Currents features immersive, interactive media, including projected effects that react to the presence of visitors, culminating in a singular sensory experience that “reawakens the machinery of this iconic plant through imagery, colour, lights, sound, and a breathtaking musical score.”

An audio solution with a high SPL and very low visibility factor was required for the project, as the front scenic zone is also a projection mapping surface. An array system to minimise the floor and ceiling audio reflection was also needed. Working with Thinkwell Studio Montreal, a global design and production agency creating custom, content-driven experiences, it was determined that Biamp’s Desono line was the ideal choice for the scenic/projection mapping integration and sound coverage.

The Niagara Parks Commission was extremely pleased with Currents in its final form, a vision in which Desono speakers played a central role. Through the utilization of Desono E Series, the sound design serves to anchor the multimedia experience overall. The result is a completely singular attraction, bringing new life to a landmark of Niagara Falls’ past.

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Issue 25