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Dreaming in Light


31 March 2020

The Adelaide Fringe festival has gone from strength to strength and is synonymous with cutting edge artists and amazing audience experiences. This year Epson and supporting partners including Novatech and Monkeystack, are lighting up and projecting Yabarra — Dreaming in Light, the festival’s signature installation and vision of cultural creative producer Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer.

The ‘dream story’ installation uses a wide range of Epson projectors all the way from the EV-100 LightScene to the flagship 25,000 lumen EB-L25000UNL laser projector. Critically Epson and the installation’s team seamlessly integrated the full potential of these projectors with the creative vision behind Yabarra to realise a culturally immersive and sensory experience.

Yabarra — Dreaming in Light also leverages Epson’s L-Series and their laser light source projection technology to deal with challenging installation angles and set-and-forget locations for the duration of the festival.

All of the Epson projectors deliver a high level of versatility, performance and dependability for Yabarra in order to guide visitors on a journey from the physical world to that of the sprits and dreams.

Epson: epson.com.au
Fujifilm: fujifilm.com.au
Monkeystack: monkeystack.com.au
Novatech: ncet.co


Monkeystack Director and creative partner on the installation Justin Wight said, “We are very proud to have partnered with the Adelaide Fringe, Epson and the other project partners to create Yabarra. Working with Epson projectors has meant that we are able to push the boundaries of what is achievable in immersive storytelling. Their precision, response and clarity of colour and fidelity of moving image has produced a world class experience in a challenging indoor space.”

Leko Novakovic from Novatech, a key partner in the design and installation of the Epson projectors, added, “We’ve always enjoyed what a creative collaboration can bring to a project and believe that using the cutting edge technology of Epson’s projectors significantly enhances the effectiveness of storytelling. Yabarra shows how conventional equipment such as Epson projectors can be used to create unconventional images. The results are quite magical.”

Yabarra also features the first use in Australia of Fujifilm’s FP-Z5000 ultra-short throw projector, equipped with the world’s first folded two-axial rotatable lens. It gives this projector the capability of directing the lens up, down, front, rear, left and right to project images in various directions without having to move the main unit. This means it can project images not only on a wall or screen but also on the ceiling and floor, and easily switch between vertical and horizontal display. The use of the ultra-short throw lens makes it possible to project images on a 100-inch screen from the close-up distance of just 75cm.

Leko Novakovic: “The FP-Z5000 is such a unique product and Milenko [Novakovic, co-director] had some great ideas of how we could use these projectors in new and innovative ways, one of which was for the Yabarra — Dreaming installation, so we decided on an initial purchase of four units.”


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