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Yamaha Speakerphone Now Zoom-Certified

YVC-330 Received Zoom Certification to Deliver Easy Deployment and Superior Audio Experience in Today's Collaboration Spaces


29 October 2020

Yamaha Unified Communications announces that its YVC-330 portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone is certified by Zoom Video Communications Inc. for use with Zoom. The certification verifies that the YVC-330 is interoperable with Zoom, making it seamless for users to connect and control audio directly from the Zoom interface while benefiting from crystal-clear, natural conversations.

“These days, everyone is spending more time on Zoom conference calls, and it’s important that users feel supported and be productive,” said Michelle Baeza, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Yamaha UC. “The YVC-330 allows users to conduct calls in places they normally wouldn’t have been able to, which is especially important during this time, while benefiting from a simple Zoom experience.”

The YVC-330 features various expandability and connectivity to fit any Zoom collaboration situation with USB, Bluetooth, NFC, and audio in/out connections. Its portable design makes it the ideal communications solution for setting up high-quality calls from any area or workspace. The YVC-330 virtual meeting solution features SoundCap technology, Yamaha’s innovation that converts background noise prevalent in open workspaces into a signal that makes the meeting sound as good as being in a quiet conference room.

The device also features an automatic mute function, which engages when participants are not speaking. This self-silencing feature enhances the performance of Yamaha’s Human Voice Activity Detection technology, which instantly distinguishes human voices from other sounds. In addition, the SoundCap technology offers an auto-speaker volume adjustment, which regulates the volume to ambient noise levels and is suited for maintaining speech privacy. With the self-volume balancer function, remote conferences can be conducted seamlessly without being intrusive to those in the vicinity.

“I’ve been using the Yamaha YVC-330 conference phone for the past six months now. It has great sound quality on the far and near end, and it works seamlessly with Zoom,” said Dave Lewis, Channel Account Manager at Zoom. “It was extremely easy to install, and I love the large control buttons on the front of the device as well as the modern design. There’s no need to use a headset anymore. It gives me a ton of flexibility around my workspace. I highly recommend the Yamaha YVC-330 to my partners, colleagues, and end customers.”

Yamaha: uc.yamaha.com
Australian Distributor: au.yamaha.com


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