Williams AV Caption Assist

Enhance listening and learning experiences with Google-powered real-time open captioning and audio archiving system


3 March 2021

Williams AV is transforming the learning and listening experience with Caption Assist, an artificial intelligence (AI), real-time open captioning and audio archiving system. Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence platform, Caption Assist can transcribe up to 27 languages and more than 70 dialects with up to 94 per cent accuracy. It also archives the text transcription and original audio on a local USB storage device so recordings can be accessed at any point.

Caption Assist is a complementary solution for assistive listening needs and can enhance learning experiences in a variety of settings that use video presentations, online training, webinars and video calls.

In education environments, studies have found that 65 per cent of students still retained information after 72 hours when presented with information both orally and visually.

It is also ideal for live, in-person applications in markets such as houses of worship and courtrooms. The benefits of captioning make Caption Assist a great fit for people who are visual learners, learning a new language or are hearing impaired.

Caption Assist employs a simple iOS and Android app for easy system setup and control. Billing is handled via Google Play or Apple App Store for a simple, fast and secure transaction. Users simply need to purchase one or multiple blocks of time, hit start, and the speech to text open captioning and archiving will begin. Users also have the flexibility to change text size, colour, background, location and alignment on the screen to suit personal needs.

Williams: williamsav.com
Australian Distributor: ambertech.com.au


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