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18 April 2016

wheatstone lxe console_rs

Wheatstone continues to advance IP audio networking for television sound with the addition of surround sound to its I/O access units and more IP consoles for its WheatNet-IP audio network.

Introduced at NAB 2015, Wheatstone’s Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is now available for the Dimension Three, Series Four, Series Two, D-8EX, and IP-64 digital mixing consoles from Wheatstone. The Mix Engine is capable of 1024 channels of simultaneous digital signal processing.

LXE is Wheatstone’s latest addition to its IP audio console line for use with its WheatNet network. Unique to LXE is a console architecture that is completely customisable, with pull-down configuration software that allows every switch on the surface to be programmed for function, mode and colour. Built-in software allows every button to be scriptable, letting users create macros for as many controls as they want. The LXE can have up to 32 physical motorised faders with DSP available on all 32 channels.

The new AirAura X1 uses the advanced algorithms found in the Wheatstone AirAura X3 for increasing volume without causing listener fatigue, but it comes with newly designed PC and front panel user interfaces that are ideal for mid- to small-market broadcasters. It also includes technology such as a distortion-managed final clipper, a five-band iAGC section, 31-band limiting, and the Vorsis Bass Tools system.

Wheatstone also unveiled its new VoxPro 6 audio recorder/editor/playback system designed for live, on-air operation. Among the upgrades is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio. The Gap-Busted function automatically removes silence from interviews and phone calls. VoxPro 6 also has support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any language.

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Issue 26