22 May 2018

TIDE is the creative, non-technical conference that inspires new ideas and innovative experiences and leads to better results for your organisation.

Whether you’re producing an event, planning a workspace, strategising a brand activation, or creating content, understanding the people you’re designing for — not by assuming you know what they like or need, but by seeing things from their point of view — is critical to adoption and engagement.

This way of thinking is the basis for Human-Centred Design, and it’s applicable to any AV project, from boardrooms and digital signage, to concert halls and huddle rooms.

TIDE will introduce you to a dozen innovative thinkers who have applied the principles of Human-Centred Design to create experiences for Uber, Facebook, Nike, Pepsi, Amazon, Google, Unilever, 20th Century Fox, and many more.

TIDE: www.tideconference.com


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