3 March 2014



Swedish AV company Dataton has announced its Watchnet, multi-tasking server software for custom control, scheduling and managing of Dataton Watchout multi-display shows. With Watchnet, you can manage an unlimited number of Watchout systems with an interface that can be as simple or as complex as required. The software features a Windows and Mac-based GUI designer which lets the user easily combine text, images, buttons, sliders and other widgets across multiple panels and pages in custom compositions. Functions are assigned from a library of pre-configured actions. The user creates the front end to the system using the drag-and-drop designer tool for panels, such as iPads or iPhones. Watchnet gives you both scheduling and direct control of Watchout, including auxiliary functions like power and DMX lighting. Watchnet auto-discovers and monitors Watchout clusters on the network, enabling easy set-up for integrators. Watchnet software will be available in spring 2014.

Australian Distributor: Interactive Controls (02) 9436 3022 or www.interactivecontrols.com.au


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