28 April 2014

Kramer MNEC Alert Photo

Kramer Electronics has announced that its newest line of ProScale digital scaler/switchers are all equipped with a built-in Mass Notification & Emergency Communication (MNEC) feature. This essential feature provides the ability to have any facility’s emergency notification immediately displayed on connected projection screens and monitors.  When connected to a network, the Kramer ProScale digital scaler/switchers can be set up to automatically display an alert message.  Notifications include flexible options such as the inclusion of an audio alert siren and the choice of displaying either a text crawler or a text window.  The system can also have the Kramer ProScale digital scaler/switchers power up displays that are off in order to display these important messages. Emergency alert messages are composed and transmitted using the XML-based Common Alert Protocol (CAP) application. This allows a warning message to be consistent over many warning systems and multiple proprietary applications and devices. The system complies with the official national warning system standard in the United States.

Australian Distributor: Kramer Electronics Australia (07) 3806 4290 or www.krameraustralia.com.au


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