17 July 2015

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No end user needs convincing that a room booking system would be helpful, but Vision says until now they have been prohibitively expensive. Vision believes the price point of its new solution will activate a mass market.

‘Freespace’ is a locked down Android tablet with an app pre-loaded. It mounts on walls outside meeting room and shows bookings for that room or any other room in the building. One device can service one room or a cluster of rooms.

If you need to find an available room, just walk up to the nearest Freespace to find and book an available room.

Freespace works with Microsoft Exchange Server and all setup is done in Exchange, overcoming push-back from network administrators who don’t want to load foreign software on their system.

An image area on the screen shows scrollable images such as company logo, promotional offers, or room images – whatever the end user needs, and images can be deployed centrally. The device can use Bluetooth to log occupancy of room(s) for reporting.

Now shipping: AUD $1379

About Vision
Vision is a leading brand of installation products in Europe. Vision’s range includes the popular ‘Techconnect’ modular cable and faceplate family of products, the ‘Techmount’ range of bracket solutions, and the ‘Techaudio’ range of Amplifiers and speakers.

More info

Vision: www.visionaudiovisual.com or stuart.lockhart@visionaudiovisual.com 


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