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Vision Have F50T’s Back Against The Wall

A first in trolleys, the wall-flush large-format display stand


30 March 2022

Vision has announced the F50T, its new generation heavy-duty, height-adjustable, motorised stand for large-format displays up to 98-inch. Installation options are flexible with its three configuration types: free-standing, mobile, or installation flush again a wall. The latter is particularly useful in situations where rooms have walls made from glass or other materials that are unable to support the weight of a display and mount. “Architects love glass walls but they are a nightmare for AV because you cannot install anything on, or against them,” explains Stuart Lockhart, Director of Vision. The F50T now being the exception that. 

Its new base design means that the same components can be used for the three configurations. The ‘X’ configuration allows for free-standing use, and wheels can be added to this for mobile requirements. Shifting the back legs into a ‘K’ shape allows it to lean securely against any wall, including glass, as most of its weight is transferred through the base to the ground. The F50T will be shown in different configurations at ISE 2022, and is due to ship from May through Vision’s international network of distributors. 

Vision: visionaudiovisual.com
Australian Distributor: dickerdata.com.au


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