25 March 2014

VL4000 Spot Luminaire for web


Philips Vari-Lite has debuted the VL4000 Spot luminaire, which is the first in a new generation of Vari-Lite luminaires. The 1200W VL4000 Spot provides 25,000 lumens and features a new cooling system that draws air into the fixture while high resolution optics ensure centre-to-edge focusing and improved contrast ratio. A new colour system has been designed that provides CYM colour mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction and dual five-position color wheels. Dual opposing fixed color wheels achieve unique colour effects. The VL4000 Spot also features dual rotating gobo wheels and a new collection of optimized gobo patterns for both aerial and projected imagery. Dual animation wheels provide dynamic motion effects as well as the chromatically-tuned Dichro Fusion effect. The beam can be further modified via the four blade shutter system and mechanical iris. A 5:1 zoom covers 9 to 44 degrees. Multi-point connections allow the luminaire to be hung at any angle, with a pocketed safety cable attachment trap.

Australian Distributor: Jands (02) 9582 0909 or info@jands.com.au.


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