6 August 2018

The Vaddio PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI is ideal for large meeting rooms, lecture halls and houses of worship. The PTZ camera provides outstanding high definition performance at a budget-friendly price.

With 1080p/60 image quality, PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI is ideal for replacing existing standard definition PTZ cameras or as an initial system upgrade. The PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI Camera is well-suited for large conference rooms, lecture halls and houses of worship, and its superior low-light performance accommodates dimly-lit locations. It features 20x optical zoom, 55-degree horizontal field of view, simultaneous HDMI 1.3, S-Video and IP streaming outputs, plus an easy, intuitive web-based user interface for remote configuration, management and control.

“Users can feel confident about using PrimeSHOT across large deployments,” said Jay Kilby, Director of Product Management at Vaddio. “Standard IP management and streaming make them easy to control remotely. And PrimeSHOT provides HD performance at the price of a standard definition camera.”

PrimeSHOT is available as a stand-alone camera or as a bundle with HDMI Extenders. This cost-effective extension option enables 1080p/60 HDMI signals up to 50m using one CAT5 (or better) cable.

Vaddio: www.vaddio.com
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au


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