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10 April 2019

Yamaha Unified Communications is making it more obtainable to achieve quality collaboration with the CS-700 Video Sound Bar. Supporting the demand for high-quality audio, video, and collaboration in huddle rooms and small conference rooms, Yamaha continues its updates to the CS-700 by offering a new price point.

“When we introduced the CS-700 two years ago, we incorporated the AV quality that’s synonymous with the Yamaha name into a new all-in-one audio, video, and collaboration solution, which set a new benchmark in deployment, IT, and end-user experiences in these meeting spaces,” said Mike Fitch, Yamaha UC’s vice president of global sales and marketing. “Since that time, we’ve expanded the UC device with new features, including a three-year warranty, enhanced camera performance, additional image settings, and now, affordability. As videoconferencing applications accelerate, a new price point of $799 for the AV model makes the CS-700 more accessible to a greater number of organisations and will align with Yamaha UC’s new product development structure as we continue to broaden our portfolio of UC solutions.”

Designed for huddle rooms, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System delivers high quality audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a simple and smart wall-mounted unit that is easy to install and deploy. It features an adaptive beamforming microphone array for perfectly captured conversation; four Yamaha speaker elements to provide the highest degree of audio intelligibility; and a wide-angle HD camera for the far-end participants to see everyone in clear detail. Users can quickly connect to any UC platform via a single USB, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of operating disparate video, audio, and collaboration components. In addition, the CS-700’s integrated network management  system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location, increasing service response and efficiency.

Yamaha UC: uc.yamaha.com


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