22 November 2017

tvONE releases its new Coriomatrix and Coriomatrix Mini modular systems created for today’s mixed signal environments. When faced with the challenge of combining a wide range of signal types, Coriomatrix makes the integration simple with reliable 4K performance.

Coriomatrix accepts a huge number of configurations allowing complex functionality to be quickly configured for your exact needs. Whatever the source or format it’s easy to mix and match your content using tvONE’s low latency Corio scalers featuring the widest range of resolutions with full control of frame rate, aspect ratio, and frame/field handling.

Control Coriomatrix in real-time using your web interface or fully featured API. Glitch free switching or fades are provided regardless of your source. Your displays can be turned off singly or globally with output sleep mode. Monitor all of your inputs and outputs for ultimate peace of mind using our optional monitoring module.

Coriomatrix supports any standard or custom resolution from 640×480 to 3840×2160 to allow you to integrate any source and any display including projectors and LED walls for ultimate flexibility.

tvONE: www.tvone.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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