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10 January 2014

Tallyman Control Panels


TSL Products has announced its new TallyMan TMCP push-button control panels and the TMVP Virtual Control panel. The TallyMan system, which found its origins in the broadcast industry, is also fully applicable to any control centre that connects and coordinates GPI, SNMP, IP and serial enabled devices. To administer this system wide control, TallyMan offers two control panels – the TMVP Virtual Control panel and the hardware-based TMCP push-button control panels. Both systems can drive the full line of TSL Products’ controllers. The virtual panel has an easy-to-use touch screen GUI and can address virtually limitless numbers of devices from different manufacturers, saving the installation of new panels and preserving the existing workflow. The hardware TallyMan control panels are available in 16, 32 and 48 button variations, and offer all the capabilities of the TallyMan Virtual Panel in a hardware-based form factor. Each button is a TFT screen that is capable of displaying 16 characters or customized bitmaps, providing system-wide control of critical devices from a common platform. The Tallyman series also offers a full line of monitor displays.

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