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The New Crew Take Control

Pliant’s new CrewCom Control Unit product launched.


5 September 2022

Pliant Technologies, a professional wireless intercom solutions provider, launches its CCU-08 CrewCom Control Unit. The CCU-08 is the latest addition to the CrewCom system and gives users the ability to use up to eight 4-Wire ports while retaining all the same features of the current companion CCU-22 and CCU-44 products.

Like the current Control Units, the CCU-08 Control Unit contains no radio and is frequency agnostic and can therefore control and monitor any device across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilised. With the combination of CrewCom Radio Transceivers, the new CCU-08 supports up to 82 Radio Packs, 18 in Normal mode and 64 in the recently released High Density mode, across all RF bands.

“The CCU-08 is an important addition to the CrewCom lineup,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of Global Sales for Pliant Technologies. “The CCU-08 adds the ability to have up to eight 4-Wire intercom connections working simultaneously allowing for even larger scale deployments. The new CCU-08 is designed for applications that need additional I/O but do not require 2-wire connectivity.”

The CCU-08 is ideal for broadcast, larger production/events, rental houses, large theatre productions, and house of worship applications. The latest CrewCom firmware update includes the recently released High Density mode feature, as well as support for the new CCU-08.  Additionally, the latest update includes several enhancements; including faster configuration file (CCF) upload speeds and a new Radio Pack paired list that allows the user to view and manage, in a single location of the software, a list of all Radio Packs paired to each Control Unit.

CrewCom is an innovative, professional wireless system featuring excellent voice quality with 4-conference or 2-conference full-duplex Radio Packs, Seamless Roaming, the highest density of users in the industry, and a host of user features. CrewCom is based on a versatile decentralised, highly scalable network platform. CrewCom wireless products easily put dependable RF coverage where needed.

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