15 March 2016

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‘4D’ technology will be put on display at the Adelaide Festival of Arts this month, when art and technology combine to present Lisa Roet’s piece ‘Heart Beat’. Technical production company Haycom Adelaide has worked with Roet to bring the piece to life by using advanced presentation technology and audio design to create an immersive experience.

Heart Beat will be on display at The Australian Experimental Art Foundation. It uses the mutations of Roet’s own body to examine how cutting edge scientific technology affects humanness, raising ethical dilemmas and conversations.

The 3D digital heart hologram is made from half of the artist’s own heart, after she underwent surgery, and half of an ape’s heart. This footage, created by a digital artist, is then brought to life by Haycom Adelaide using a combination of 3D Musion technology and audio visual design, so that it looks and sounds like a real, beating heart.

At the centre of Roet’s work is the complex, yet close relationship between humans and apes. Haycom has captured the essence of the piece and used technology to complete the experience, carefully crating all lighting and sound.

adelaide haycom heart 4d_rs

The team at Haycom were thrilled to once again work with Ms Roet.

Mario Valenti, Director and Technical Producer for Heart Beat, from Haycom Adelaide, said: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with Lisa and help bring her art to life. Due to the intricacy of this piece, the visual elements for the projection had to be stellar and the audio of the beating had to be engaging.

“We’ve used this advanced technology for several years, however it is still very new for people to see and experience, so has that wow factor, which many can’t believe is real.”

Lisa Roet explained further: “The technology is amazing and has that smoke and mirrors effect, which I think works so beautifully with art. It draws people in and prompts them to think about what this piece makes them feel. For me, it’s a self-portrait.”

The piece is on display now at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation as part of the Adelaide Festival until Saturday 2 April.

More Info:
Haycom: www.haycom.com


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