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Tannoy PCI Series

New installation line from Tannoy features newly developed dual concentric drivers from studio lines, for home theatres & hi-end residential


20 October 2021

Designed to fit seamlessly into homes, the new Tannoy PCI series is the perfect premium loudspeaker for modern living, featuring a blend of innovative technology combined with sophisticated good looks that will match any décor. State of the art driver materials and Tannoy’s Unique Dual Concentric driver technology combine to deliver music and film that is realistic and with phenomenal clarity.

The PCI Range is designed with the same exacting standards as Tannoy’s flagship hi-fi and professional loudspeakers. Tannoy Dual Concentric drivers are known for phase coherence, and the PCI Range stands out amongst two-way loudspeakers in their natural delivery. Bass is deep, fast and well defined. Mid-range realistically reproduces vocals and high frequencies are smooth with effective imaging and a holographic soundstage that covers a large area. Suitable for Music and Movies, stereo, surround sound and multi-room installations, the PCI range are also easy to drive.

Integrators looking to build these models into installed audio applications can choose from:

  • PCI 45DC, a 3-way design ideal for overhead stereo or home theatre system, the unique driver arrangement allows for use as a left, right, or centre channel speaker
  • PCI 5DC IW, PCI 6DC IW, PCI 7DC IW, in-wall dual concentric units
  • 6, 7 & 8-inch ceiling speakers, some available in low profile editions
  • 8-inch in-wall subwoofer with back can
  • Variety of back cans for various speaker sizes.

Tannoy Dual Concentric

At the heart of the PCI Series performance you will find an all-new development of the exclusive Dual concentric driver technology. Designed and engineered it the UK, this new driver handles up to 280 Watts (6-inch) and is easy to drive. The compact and stylish design comprises a single 165 mm (6.00″) LF/MF driver with a blue Kevlar cone and high-excursion rubber surround and centrally located HF drive. This new Dual Concentric driver offers enhanced dispersion – creating and even more balanced spread of sound around the listening area.

These time-coherent, point source dispersion characteristics make this latest version of the Dual Concentric philosophy perfect for audiophile applications. Low frequency performance is full and impactful, the mid-range is detailed, and high frequencies deliver amazing clarity.

Advanced Tulip Waveguide

Performance is further enhanced by the implementation of a highly innovative point source Tulip Waveguide with symmetrical dispersion, which provides a broad soundstage with remarkably focused and accurate stereo imaging.

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