szikla cue king 2



31 October 2017

szikla cue king 2

Szikla Cue King 2 Remote Presentation System delivers unsurpassed supervision of forward/back computer presentation cues to multiple PCs or Macs, via wired lectern buttons and 16 new channels of RF interfacing.

Cue King 2 promises improved performance, portability, reliability, and a re-think of wireless slide management in a busy RF environment. In the old days, long range was key, but today you need headroom above all the background noise. Cue King 2 provides the solution by putting the main antenna where the presenter is.

The Lectenna has a single antenna and USB output, and is normally placed on or near the stage. It is used a) on its own, powered by the local computer’s USB or b) connected to the Master Station — it works as a remote antenna, and its USB port becomes Remote Output 4.

The Master Station has two line inputs and its own RF receiver. There are three hardware USB Outputs, and a switch for Output 4. If a short-circuit or over-current fault appears on line A or B, its LED will flash as a failure warning.

The indicator section includes Forward/Back LEDs, Test Buttons, and adjustable audio via local speaker or phones. Near the RF button, LEDs show if cues are being received via the local or remote antenna, and if the RF Handset battery is low.

The RF Handset is the best yet, and has been designed to please CEO and technician alike. A single button cell in a quick access compartment delivers reliable range of 50m line of sight in clean air. Its LED glows green or red for forward/back cues and flashes if battery is low. Every handset comes with an attractive rubber grip and wrist/neck strap.

The wired lectern button can be positioned on the surface or rim of any lectern, or supplied disassembled for flush mounting as a permanent install. Line connections are via Cat5/6 and/or standard Mic Cable, up to 300m. The Master Station can power up to two Lectennas plus nine Lectern Buttons per input.



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