19 January 2015

The latest version of Symetrix’ established SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP adds an expansion slot to increase the total audio input/output count to 24 in the same 1U format, allowing installations to be expanded quickly and easily as requirements change.

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The I/O expansion slot supports all standard optional SymNet audio I/O cards, including analogue, digital, AEC, VoIP and telephone, and paves the way for multiple system configurations: for example, a SymNet 4-channel analogue input card yields a 16-in, 8-out processor, while a SymNet 4-channel analogue output card facilitates a 12-in, 12-out set-up.

“By accepting any of the standard SymNet I/O cards available, this expansion slot allows the integrator a new level of customisation and future expansion to meet the precise needs of the application at hand,” says Symetrix senior product manager Trent Wagner. “The I/O formats of 16×8 and 12×12 – which are rapidly gaining in popularity across install applications – can both be accommodated by SymNet Radius 12×8 EX.”

Like unit it replaces, the new processor features a 64×64 channel Dante network audio bus and built-in GPIO, RS-232 and ARC wall panel support offerings for control, alongside free access to Symetrix’ ARC-WEB browser-based user interface.

For existing users wishing to upgrade to the new version, a dedicated migration tool converts files of designs or works-in-progress to the new hardware without any further modifications.


Source: media release


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