16 November 2016


Studios Technologies adds to its lineup of handy Dante-enabled tools with the new Model 44D Audio Interface. The Model 44D lets you interface two channels of analogue line level audio to and from applications that utilise Dante audio-over-Ethernet networking. Two of the units can provide one-to-one signal paths, two in each direction, over a standard local area network.

The Model 44D also supports transport of contact closures or status signals between Model 44Ds and other compatible products. Each unit provides two general-purpose inputs and two general-purpose outputs. In-band audio signals (20 kHz tones) are used to transport the signals through the Dante paths. Four five-segment LED meters are located on the front panel to display the level of the audio signals associated with the two line inputs and two line outputs.

More Info:
Studio Technologies: www.studio-tech.com
Australian Distributor: www.madisontech.com.au


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