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5 September 2014

As part of its massive launch strategy, Robe has announced a world tour to demonstrate its new 1700 BMFL Spot with Australian dates beginning next week.

Robe's new 1700 BMFL Spot at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Pic: Rachael Wright.
The 1700 BMFL Spot debuted in the US at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards with LD Tom Kenny using 52 of the fixtures on his rig. Pic: Rachael Wright.

The company’s global launch of the Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire took place early September via a worldwide multi-lingual video broadcast across three time zones. Watched by nearly 11,000 people who pre-registered to view the launch, the broadcast showed Robe CEO Josef Valchar introducing the new spot and declaring it “the best fixture we have ever made”. The company calls it a real game-changer for the moving light industry: “The BMFL is massively bright, lightweight for its intensity and incredible versatility and is the result of three years development in close communication with some of the world’s leading lighting designers, directors, programmers and operators as well as rental company owners, project managers and account handlers.”

Robe BMFL Spot 49031 small

Designed for large venues such as TV studios and concert venues, the BMFL Spot uses a new Osram lamp developed for Robe, which can be operated at 1200, 1500 or 1700W, with the colour temperature remaining the same across all power modes. The 36kg fixture produces 250,000 lux at 5m, or 2500 lux at 50m with features including smooth dimming to black without distortion, an 11:1 zoom ratio (5-55 in a split second) with tracking focus to ensure the beam remains sharp at both extremes, and seamless colour changing. Pan and tilt are said to be far quicker than anything else of this size and power – “In fact, we are 20 times faster than Usain Bolt over 100m,” Valchar said.

Already used for a couple of seriously high profile events – the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the 2014 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles – the BMFL Spot will be demonstrated on a two-month world tour covering 60 countries on all continents.

Australian Tour Dates

8 September, 2014: Gold Coast
10 September, 2014: Brisbane
11 September, 2014: Melbourne

To attend, sign up at events@ulagroup. Additional Australian and New Zealand dates will be announced shortly.

More Information

Full tour dates here
ULA Group: 1300 852 476 or


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