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Spacemap Go SSL Live Integration and DAW Plugins

Control of Meyer Sounds immersive software goes beyond the iPad, with SSL Live integration and DAW plugins now available.


11 January 2022

Meyer Sound announces integration of key control functions of its Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool into the latest versions of Solid State Logic’s SSL Live V5.0 console software and companion SOLSA PC software for remote control and offline setup. With this software integration, SSL Live users now have fingertip control of Spacemap Go’s spatial sound flexibility from the console touchscreen, and they also can synchronise Spacemap Go snapshot recall via the console automation.

“We are delighted to be working with Meyer Sound to incorporate control of their Spacemap Go immersive ecosystem into all SSL Live consoles,” comments Tomos Wise, Product Manager for SSL Live. “SSL has been creating innovative control surfaces for music production for over 50 years, and the partnership with Meyer Sound proudly continues this tradition. The unified console interface allows a user to simultaneously sculpt an artist’s sound and accurately position sources within Spacemap Go for a consistent workflow in any live sound scenario.”

The Spacemap Go functions are integrated by default into the latest SSL V5.0 software. No installation is required.

Concurrently, Meyer Sound announced the availability of free downloads of Spacemap Go plugins in the AU, VST3, and AAX formats. All three are included in a free bundle available from the Meyer Sound website. The new plugins integrate control of key Spacemap Go functions into essentially all popular DAWs, including Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason, Digital Performer, Cubase, Reaper, and Studio One.

The plugin is also integrated in Avid’s VENUE | S6L live sound consoles with the VENUE 7 software platform, which enables users to directly access functions of Spacemap Go from the console’s built-in touchscreen and control surface. The new plugin allows integration of Spacemap Go snapshots into the VENUE master show file that interacts with a Spacemap Go system and automates dynamic panning within the sound field.

“Spacemap Go is scalable in both the number of loudspeakers required and the DSP hardware needed, and now it is also backed up by a scalable selection of interfaces,” says Meyer Sound Senior Product Manager Andy Davies. “Adding plugins for mixing consoles and DAWs further expands the options users have to bring spatial audio to their fingertips.”

Spacemap Go leverages the processing power of Meyer Sound’s GALAXY Network Platform in an intuitive iPad app. Snapshots can be created using the app and are now integrated into the console or DAW for static placement or dynamic movement of sounds. The movement of sounds can be fully automated or synchronised in conjunction with live, on-the-fly inputs using the console control surface, one or more iPads, or both simultaneously.

“For a live engineer, having Spacemap Go inside the console means there’s no need to move away from the control surface while mixing,” adds Davies. “Configuration and system set-up are still done with iPad, but now the control of live movements is all on the console surface integrated with your traditional controls.”

“Accessing Spacemap Go within both the DAWs and consoles will prove advantageous across many applications,” continues Davies. “For theatrical sound designers, integration into both the consoles and DAWs allows more options on where and how spatial sound can be automated in your show timeline. Sound artists and live musicians can program spatial movements right into their source tracks using the DAW plugins. These spatial movements then can be translated into actual on-site speaker layouts, which can be quickly and easily changed from day to day on the iPad with no need to reprogram material. Users simply choose a different Spacemap for that venue and the control inputs from the plugins are mapped onto it.”


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