19 October 2017

ClearOne has announced a system upgrade that allows users, at an additional cost, to enable Skype for Business on any Collaborate Pro model.

“The ability to natively integrate Skype for Business truly makes Collaborate Pro the most versatile video collaboration system on the market today,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst, Vaishno Devi Srinivansan. “It’s a great solution for any size workspace with professional quality audio and video, and has a high return on investment with unmatched affordability.”

ClearOne’s Collaborate Pro is a series of low-cost room appliances, audio endpoints and PTZ cameras, containing a flexible mix of built-in solution tools for any type of group-room collaboration, including: traditional video conferencing, audio conferencing, Skype for Business, Spontania cloud video and web conferencing, recording and streaming, and wireless presentation. These tools provide a variety of applications for any group activity: team collaboration, meeting, lecture, presentation, training, corporate communication, product launch, and more.

Collaborate Pro is the only system that can support traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing, cloud video and web conferencing, Skype for Business with native integration, multi-wireless user presentation, and professional audio in any workspace. Additionally, Collaborate Pro has one consistent user interface and experience across all conferencing and collaboration applications.

ClearOne: www.clearone.com
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au


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