Sharp Canvas Professional Display


12 February 2020

The Canvas is a new high-impact display from Sharp. State-of-the-art pixel layout called RGB Delta-Enhanced Chip-on-Board (COB) MicroLED technology allows the highest pixel density ensuring an astounding contrast and solid screen surface. The Canvas is composed of multiple MicroLED modular screens which can be installed in flat or in smooth curvature setup

The Canvas uses pure black layer of encapsulation called the ‘Black Matrix Technology” which produce excellent contrast and make the module anti-glare. The Canvas is designed to meet fire and smoke safety standards.

The Canvas’ MicroLED pixels are controlled by a novel Smart LED driver, benefiting from the patented Variable Current Technology, to render pixels at a maximum brightness of 2,500 cd/m², as well as the finest details in the very dark.

The Canvas delivers exceptional levels of colour precision, depth and variety offering 100% of DCI P3 Colour space

A Patented Tessellated design creates displays of any curvature and size, with a small 108mm tesselation step for the smoothest curvature possible.


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