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ATEN’s two new releases. KVM Switcher & CS22HF.


30 May 2022

ATEN’s new PSD PP v4.0 compliant secure KVM switches help to safeguard data access. In addition to the stringent requirement covered in PP v3.0 Secure KVM Switchers, the newly released PP v4.0 models further feature secure port switching, strict audio filtration, configurable device filtration on keyboard/mouse ports, LED indication for unauthorised USB HID device connection, up to 4K UHD video quality, and the availability of non-CAC models.

Smooth out your desktop workflow when switching between two computers with the CS22HF Cable KVM Switch. This is now made as simple as pushing a button. Refresh your workspace with the compact CS22HF by setting up a desktop console with one set of keyboard/monitor/mouse for control over two computers via USB and HDMI connections, and you’re all set. The console USB ports can be used for plug-n-play connection to compatible USB 2.0 peripheral devices to fulfil data-intensive desktop work requirements.

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