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30 April 2019

Samsung announces a range of new UHD signage products in the QMR and QBR series, featuring advanced 4K upscaling and colour optimisation to best suit 4K signage-upgrading customers.

As visual display technology evolves, viewers develop heightened expectations about picture quality. As UHD resolution continues to grow in popularity, it is essential for businesses to deliver superb picture quality for their customers. While much content is still being produced at a lower resolution, Intelligent UHD upscaling technology helps Samsung’s 4K UHD signage increase low resolution content to UHD picture quality.

Incredible Picture Quality
Samsung’s 4K UHD Signage rises above the rest to deliver best-in-class UHD resolution as well as intelligent UHD upscaling and rich colours with Dynamic Crystal Colour all in a slim design.

Intelligent UHD Upscaling
Thanks to new semi-conductor technology, Samsung has developed its powerful video processor for use in its digital signage. Additionally, intelligent UHD upscaling technology is a cutting-edge solution based on Samsung’s proprietary intelligent UHD engine that allows content developed at a lower resolution to be elevated to UHD quality. It also performs edge restoration and noise reduction to optimise on-screen text and imagery with crisp edges and fine detail.

Dynamic Crystal Colour
Dynamic Crystal Colour brings incredible, lifelike colour to Samsung displays. Using 10-bit processing, the displays are able to showcase a wider spectrum of colours — up to a billion different shades — capturing subtle differences for colour expression, critical for businesses in ensuring brand consistency across communication channels. Samsung 4K Signage QMR/QBR series also features HDR10+ functionality that converts standard definition (SDR) content to HDR quality for sharper contrast and more vivid colours.

Slim and Symmetrical Design

The all-new slim and symmetrical design of the QMR/QBR series simplifies wall mounting the display and ensures that installation is a seamless process. The display’s power inlet direction has been redesigned to perfectly align against the wall. The new design sets also guarantee a long life cycle, thus ensuring that the QMR/QBR series will stand the test of time.

All-in-One Solution
The Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) is an open-source, all-in-one solution embedded in Samsung SMART signage that makes installation and maintenance easy and straightforward. With SSSP, there is no need for any external devices to communicate with the server or play digital media, allowing for easy development, reinforced capability with multiple web formats, and secured protection.

2019 Samsung UHD Signage Lineup
Samsung’s QMR/QBR Series displays not only deliver an image with flawless clarity but are also designed to maintain their superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. The QMR/QBR series also delivers bright and clear images while consuming a low amount of power, which enables businesses to considerably reduce overall costs and optimise efficiency. All displays offer 4K panels with 500nit and 350nit brightness respectively and both offer the same Intelligent UHD Upscaling and Dynamic Crystal Colour, with the QMR designed for always-on use and QBR for 16-hour daily operation. 43, 49, 55, 65 and 75-inch options are available.



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