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RTS & Magna Systems DSPK-4 Digital Speaker Station

The new IP-based wired speaker station released in Asia Pacific.


21 July 2023

Magna Systems and RTS have announced the Asia Pacific introduction of the DSPK-4 Digital Speaker Station — the latest addition to the brand’s breakthrough RTS Digital product family. The DSPK-4 is an IP-based wired speaker station providing versatility and functionality, including four channels of talk/listen via microphone and speaker or headset — all with high-quality digital audio and the use of standard Ethernet for easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. It adapts the unique hybrid IP/digital/analogue functionality, ergonomic design and intuitive UX into a sleek new form factor that is available in compact desktop, flush-mount and wall-mount versions. Flexibility is further enhanced with Bluetooth headset connectivity and PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity.

The DSPK-4’s IP technology allows for hybrid use, supporting both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes. For use as a digital partyline device, the DSPK-4 connects to an OMS; this also allows the integration of analogue/two-wire devices within the digital/IP system, helping to extend ROI on existing analogue equipment.

For use as a matrix keypanel, including functionality like point-to-point communication, the DSPK-4 can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product using OMNEO IP technology — including OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. The DSPK-4 automatically selects the correct mode of operation (digital partyline/OMS or keypanel/matrix) when connected and switched on.

This makes the DSPK-4 ideal for new users or current partyline users looking to grow from analogue systems into the superior sound quality and flexible connectivity of digital/IP communications, in verticals such as broadcasting, theatres/live entertainment, houses of worship, educational facilities, industrial facilities, event production and AV rental.

As it offers both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes, DSPK-4 also offers excellent ROI for customers with existing RTS matrix intercom equipment. For example, an industrial facility can expand its comms inventory cost-effectively all while continuing to leverage the scalability of its existing matrix equipment. And, in addition to increased fidelity and a lower noise floor in comparison to analogue, the DSPK-4’s Dante digital audio quality permits natural conversation levels and dynamics, free from feedback and latency — all of which can also add value by ensuring communications run smoothly during day-to-day operations.

The DSPK-4’s compact-yet-robust construction makes it ready for the toughest working environments, with over-moulded ergonomic volume knobs and rubber enclosure detailing to provide extra grip and durability. The control layout is designed for an effortless user experience — for both new and experienced users. An intuitive icon-based menu navigation system is presented via a full-colour TFT display with anti-reflective lens, making local configuration quick yet precise in any light conditions. TALK and LISTEN capability for up to four simultaneously active sources is equally simple to control, via four large backlit channel buttons.

A choice of three different XLR headset connector options are available for flush-mount models: 4-pin female, 4-pin male or 5-pin female. Desktop and wall-mount models are each equipped with all three connector types. Bluetooth headset connectivity via USB dongle is supported on all models. The desktop version comes equipped with an external AC/DC power supply unit (PSU); the PSU can be ordered separately for the flush-mount and wall-mount versions. Users have the choice of powering their DSPK-4 via the PSU, local DC +24 V, or PoE+/PoE++ (Power over Ethernet). Users can enjoy peace of mind when powering the DSPK-4 with local DC +24 V, as PoE+/PoE++ will provide a redundant power supply if an unexpected outage occurs. Additional users can be easily added to the system using PoE connectivity.

Versatility: Available in desktop, flush-mount and wall-mount versions, each with a variety of power options and headset connectors
Hybrid Functionality: Operate DSPK-4 in partyline mode with OMS (OMNEO Main Station) or in portable keypanel mode with an RTS matrix (ODIN/ADAM) — one device covers it all
User Friendly: Compact and ergonomic design with full-colour icon-based menu navigation for quick setup and intuitive operation

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