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RTI Simplifies Single-Room Installs

KX4 touchpanel delivers meeting & classroom control with built-in processor.


5 September 2022

Control and automation manufacturer RTI has announced the KX4 touchpanel for fast and cost-effective installations in all single-room environments. From boardrooms to lecture halls, it simplifies single-room commercial installations that require both on-wall control and processing power to control multiple devices with its built-in processor.

“Single-room commercial control is our fastest growing category, and the KX4 is designed to meet this need with an easy-to-deploy solution,” said RTI Product Director Robert Lawton. “Combining an in-wall touchpanel with hard-button control and an integrated processor gives commercial integrators the opportunity to create faster installations with the fully customisable control their clients demand.”

For front panel control, the KX4 features a 4-inch, high-resolution capacitive touch display with five configurable hard-buttons that can be customised with RTI’s Laser Shark engraving. The built-in control processor delivers robust capabilities to maximise integration with connected devices, including support for two-way drivers, the RTiPanel Mobile App, and use as either a stand-alone processor or as a secondary processor in larger configurations. Back panel connections enable direct control of connected devices via IR; IP; two RS-232, six voltage sense ports with sense-event capabilities; and four relays for control via contact closure.

“Conference rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and other single-room installations include a wide variety of connected devices,” continued Lawton. “The KX4 leverages the full power of the RTI driver library and our Integration Designer programming platform so integrators can meet virtually any client demand with a customised solution.”

Shipping 1st November, the KX4 is available for pre-order from RTI and its distributors.

RTI Control: rticontrol.com
Australian Distributor: ambertech.com.au


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