Resorts World Las Vegas: Luxury Suites

Part One: Q-SYS creates high-end experiences.


12 September 2022

With plans for a massive network to be put in place, the Resorts World Las Vegas team required a software-based solution that could support large-scale centralised processing. As an integrated resort experience with major growth plans, stakeholders needed a partnership that could grow with them and maintain operational reliability amidst constant change.


To bring the quality of high-impact experience VIP guests expect to their twelve different suite types, Resorts World Las Vegas turned to integrator partner One Touch Living. They had their hands full, as it wasn’t until the dust settled and construction was complete that the team was able to gain access to the rooms themselves. Opening day was near at hand, and mistakes were not an option. “When you host guests spending millions of dollars it is critical that they have a seamless VIP experience,” explains Corey Brushia, President of One Touch Living.


With the smallest suite sporting four televisions and five audio zones, and the largest containing eighteen televisions and twenty-four audio zones, these systems are anything but simple. All feature audio-visual distribution, ceiling loudspeakers, in-wall touchscreen controllers and environmental controls. “These are fully automated systems,” describes Corey. “When guests walk through the door, the room greets them by turning on the lights, which are specific to the time of day. The shades and drapes then open to give a view of the outside Strip. That being said, everything the guest interfaces within the room must be ‘hotel simple’, so all of the automation behind the scenes just happens.”


To power the thirty-seven luxury suites, the Resorts World Las Vegas team selected two Q-SYS Core 5200 enterprise cores, one for each hotel tower. In one tower live eighteen of the luxury suites, with nineteen residing in the other. To effectively manage each of these incredible spaces, the One Touch Living team developed a series of Q-SYS driven dashboards. 

From there they can see exactly what is happening, manage the inputs and outputs, see what’s playing on the video and make sure the video sources are working and distributed properly. “It’s a very, very powerful platform,” says Corey. “I discovered how I can use CSS to build out some really nice user interface dashboards, and there’s so much that we can do with it. While tech support has been really responsive, we haven’t had to leverage it too often even though it was my first-time using Q-SYS. All it all, it was pretty darned easy to learn.”


The sheer scale of Resorts World Las Vegas is something to behold, but it’s not over yet. With future development on the horizon, their network AV has the potential to be one of the largest in the country. Corey explains, “We’ve taken over 2000 video end point devices and put them on a single network. They’re easily managed through the Q-SYS OS, even with multiple contractors leveraging the same devices at the same time. It’s come together seamlessly because of the architecture of the system. We’re doing some stuff that’s never been done before, and through it all Q-SYS has been very successful, and very reliable.”

Q-SYS: qsys.com
One Touch Living: 1touchliving.com
Resorts World Las Vegas: rwlasvegas.com
Australian Distributor: tag.com.au

Las Vegas has long been famous as a destination of luxury and adventure, no more so than on the glittering Las Vegas Strip. With a high standard already set, Resorts World Las Vegas has entered the race and immediately made their presence known as the first integrated resort to be built on the Strip in over a decade. Containing a seamless blend of technology and elegance, the construction was ambitious: two towers, over three thousand rooms, and multiple dining and event experiences, not to mention the massive casino floor itself.

To achieve this the Resorts World Las Vegas team selected four different contract partners to work toward their ultimate vision, each centred around their own area of the installation: luxury suites, event spaces, common areas and network architecture.

Here in the ‘Luxury Suites’ portion of the Resorts World Las Vegas story, we will discovery how precision meets scalability for some of the most elite rooms in Las Vegas.


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