15 July 2015


As part of an update of their video facilities, the Sydney Opera House has installed a number of the new Marshall Electronics CV500-M2 HDSDI Miniature Broadcast Cameras. Being small and unobtrusive these cameras may be attached to music stands or even the instruments themselves, thereby enabling Opera House staff to obtain an unprecedented range of novel and interesting shots during a live performance.

Supplied by Quinto Communications, these miniature cameras are less than 4cm long, yet are capable of delivering full broadcast high definition (HDTV) images. In addition, the cameras manage to squeeze many features into a small package including digital noise reduction for use in low light conditions and RS485 remote control from the optional VS-PTC-50 remote control unit.

A range of 12 different interchangeable M12 mount lenses is also available for the CV-500-M2 camera to support angles of view from 5.6 degrees up to 94 degrees.

The CV500-M2 is part of a family of miniature and compact point of view 3GSDI and HDSDI cameras from Marshall Electronics that also includes the CV550-CS, CV342-CS and CV360-CG models with CS/C compact lens mounts, and a range of CS Mount Varifocal Lenses with Auto Iris.

Also available is the CV350-5X HD camera with auto focus and 5x optical zoom, and the CV200-M HDSDI Lipstick Point Of View Camera.

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