22 November 2018

Quest Audio has built the QX-280 series from the ground up to withstand the demands of a commercial environment. The class D technology makes it possible to have a compact single rack format with the right combination of power and channel density.

Quest’s patented power supply technology, Dynamiq Bass, is built into the QX-280 range. It can continue to deliver power during high transients, delivering sonic integrity at the top and bottom end where other amplifiers may lose detail through power degradation. Quest says this technology enables the amplifier to achieve the same performance as amplifiers with two or three times the power rating, allowing uninterrupted power delivery even during rapid bursts of sound.

Energy smart technology makes for easy installation and operation with the QX-280 range. The eco-friendly automatic standby function power-pauses an individual amplifier after no signal has been detected after 10 minutes. Auto load sensing transformerless output delivers full range to all impedance loads from 4Ω to 70/100V systems ensuring smooth operation. Overheat protection with thermally controlled fans and a built-in limiter circuit ensure total peace of mind.

The result is that every detail of the voice and instrument is reproduced with pure intelligibility, that’s studio quality sound with the simplicity and reliability of a commercial amplification unit. The Quest QX-280 is entirely Australian designed and built.

Quest Audio: www.questaudio.com.au


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