Q-SYS Gets Cisco and Barco Plugins

Q-SYS plugins enable room control for wireless devices; now including Barco ClickShare Conference devices and Cisco Touch 10.


21 October 2020

QSC announces the availability of two new Q-SYS Control plugins, enabling quick integration and a consistent user experience for the Cisco conferencing & collaboration endpoints and the Barco ClickShare Conference family of devices within the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Both plugins are available through the Asset Manager portal within Q-SYS Designer Software.

The Cisco In-Room plugin enables expanded control capabilities of Cisco collaboration endpoints, including Cisco Touch 10 and Webex Desk Series devices, while maintaining a consistent user experience by combining Cisco controls with in-room AV controls provided by Q-SYS. Through Cisco’s Interface Extension Editor, programmers can create custom panels and buttons to trigger specific actions through Q-SYS, while offering the ability to provide a consistent user experience for any applications utilising Cisco In-Room control. 

To expand the reach of Q-SYS within wireless collaboration and conferencing systems, the Barco ClickShare Conference plugin enables the ability to connect, monitor and control Barco ClickShare Conference devices from the same UCI as their in-room AV controls, simplifying the overall user experience. This plugin also provides the seamless integration needed to create intelligent room controls, and minimise additional interaction with the collaboration system, helping to ensure an even safer meeting environment.

“To help address the dramatic shifts in the collaboration market over the past six months, QSC is establishing strategic partnerships with several of the most well-established manufacturers to meet new expectations of end users,” says Jason Moss, VP of Alliances & Market Development, QSC. 

“We continue to see a large and growing demand from Cisco and Q-SYS customers to simplify communication between Cisco endpoints and Q-SYS, and we are very excited to work together to provide a plugin that ensures seamless integration and delivers a consistent experience end users expect.” 

“Furthermore, as we continue to see an increased demand for ‘a laptop-first (BYOM)’ solutions, our partnership with Barco brings easy wireless video collaboration into large spaces like boardrooms, flex training and all-hands rooms while benefiting from QSC’s audio, video & control portfolio of peripherals within these larger room types.”

“We continue to see more rooms outfitted with the Q-SYS audio, video & control system, and we are thrilled our ClickShare Conferencing system communicates seamless with one of the most widely-used AV processing solutions on the market. Simple, easy, wireless.​ That’s how ClickShare Conference shares apps from a laptop on the room display and connects them to the camera and speakers in the room for better meetings. This makes hybrid meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings,” says David Fitzgerald, VP Global Alliances at Barco.

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