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2 June 2017

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qsc q-sys enterprise core

The new Enterprise Core category has been added to QSC’s Q-Sys networking system. Running exclusively on Dell server hardware, the solutions combine the processing capabilities of Q-Sys with the Dell R730XL hardware platform. The result is an IT-grade solution that brings audio, video, and control processing into the data centre.

The new Q-Sys Enterprise Core processors represent the first fully integrated AV&C solutions — a sign of days to come as the industry shifts towards standards-based IT platforms. The use of mainstream hardware reflects a typical enterprise IT environment and provides several benefits, especially for corporate clients and global enterprises. These include centralised shared resources where enterprises can take advantage of the corporate infrastructure and place Q-Sys processors alongside building-wide IT services such as VoIP, UC&C, and security systems. It’s also flexible, with the ability to serve all meeting, conferencing, presentation and lobby spaces from a single platform designed for AV/IT environments.

“The Q-Sys Platform is an operating system environment built on an open ecosystem that allows QSC to offer its corporate users a truly IT-centric platform,” says TJ Adams, Senior Director of Installed Systems Product Management, QSC. “We first debuted this capability as a technology demonstration at ISE 2017. Now that these products have arrived, this paradigm shift is poised to change the way our industry deploys future enterprise-wide AV&C systems.”

QSC: www.qsc.com
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