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3 September 2015

polycom realpresence touch

Polycom, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM) has announced three new additions to its industry-leading Polycom RealPresence Group Series solutions offering. The new solutions solidify the company’s commitment to delivering technologies that provide rich collaboration experiences that are easy to use and integrate into any work environment.

Polycom RealPresence Touch

The RealPresence Touch solution is an easy-to-use next-generation touch control designed with simplicity in mind for the end user. The RealPresence Touch control will feature an intuitive tablet interface that makes it easier than ever for users to control their visual collaboration experience. Users will now have the option to simply “click to dial” right from the home screen calendar, enabling connection at the push of a button. Since every organisation and culture is unique, Polycom RealPresence Touch interface will also allow IT administrators to optimise the end user experience, while maintaining a consistent experience across the Polycom portfolio of solutions.

Polycom RealPresence Group Series 5.0

The RealPresence Group Series 5.0 software will feature direct interoperability with both Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync environments, giving end users an enhanced voice, video and content collaboration experience. With this software, users will now have the ability to control Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync content directly from their Polycom Group Series system, just as they would in a Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync call. Polycom solutions do not require additional devices in the network or additional costs.

Polycom RealPresence Group Series 5.0 software will also feature Polycom Acoustic Fence technology, which ensures that meeting participants are not distracted with background noises such as barking dogs, honking cars or other conversations happening nearby. There is also a new version of Polycom Acoustic Fence technology from Polycom Labs, which includes a feature that allows users who only have one microphone to take advantage of this innovative audio solution for easier deployment in cubicles and other open workspaces.

Polycom RealPresence OTX Studio

The RealPresence OTX Studio will bring the latest innovations from Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio to mid-sized conference rooms. Designed for rich collaboration, RealPresence OTX Studio users can easily share content from their own device and engage in interactive annotation and whiteboarding with Polycom VisualBoard. For more natural and productive meeting experiences, RealPresence OTX Studio will feature sharp and smooth full HD video and content sharing quality, best-in-class eye contact, and Polycom 3D Voice technology. Unique to Polycom immersive solutions, Polycom 3D Voice is designed to deliver highly accurate positional audio with a very clear separation between participants for the most natural and life-like audio reproduction that has ever been delivered in video collaboration.

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