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16 February 2015

An impressive new range of high resolution indoor LED walls from Barco caught our eye at ISE 2015, and may well extend the company’s reach beyond traditional LED markets to control centres and boardrooms.

X series LED tile front small X series LED tile back small

The X series couples the benefits of LED visualisation with very high resolutions, with key features including pixel pitches of 1.6, 1.9 and 2.7mm, front access, factory calibration, high-quality dimming, and easy and fast installation.

Optimal Dimming

For a display to be truly ergonomic, it has to be fully adaptable to any lighting condition – the LED wall needs to show the same level of detail when operating in dimmed mode as it does at full brightness. This is an issue for many LED walls because their dimming mechanisms reduce dynamic range and colour accuracy. Barco says its optimised image processing takes particular care of colour reproduction, allowing brightness adjustment to any environment without losing quality or detail.

“High quality dimming is crucial for LED video walls to be integrated in 24/7 applications,” says Barco’s VP for LED and Image Processing, Chris Colpaert. “Dimming enhances ergonomics and makes the system more flexible, while also extending the lifetime of the LEDs and reducing power usage while maintaining excellent image quality. To further ensure reliability, Barco also offers a range of management software, including intelligent systems that automatically detect and communicate failures and even apply redundancy.”

Enhanced Control

The X series’ Infinipix image processing platform drives all LED tiles at the highest image quality and with the highest colour accuracy in and between tiles for an optimally aligned LED wall. It further offers an extended form of signal redundancy: if the data path between the tiles is interrupted, a redundant data path takes over to ensure that an uninterrupted image is displayed.

Barco says that although its LED walls are of the highest quality, there is still a slight chance that a pixel might fails. Its Pixel Fusion technology ensures dead pixels “are virtually unnoticeable” so the LED wall remains fully operational and the simple tile replacement can be scheduled at the owner’s convenience.

Install & Service

Using precise mechanics and innovative truss beam installation technology, the walls can be installed faster, cheaper and more accurately on uneven floors. The LEDs are calibrated when they leave the factory to ensure a perfect image, and front access to the tiles ensures faster and risk-free servicing.

“We paid special attention to protecting the sensitive edges of the tiles. The innovative mounting system ensures that the tiles are less vulnerable than competing models, and the accessibility from the front enables you to service the video wall without damage,” Colpaert says.


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