Panasonic High Frame Rate Upgrade Kit

Panasonic Enhances Esports Viewing For Fans With Projector High Frame Rate Upgrade for PT-RQ35K; 5ms latency and 240Hz refresh rate


23 March 2021

With Esports rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, one of the challenges for the industry is to ensure that audiences in studios and stadiums see every detail of the gameplay on the large screens at the same time as the players. Any lag or juddery visuals can ruin the immersive experience. Panasonic’s latest High Frame Rate (HFR) upgrade kit (ET-SUK10) for the Panasonic PT-RQ35K projector addresses these issues bringing stadium and studio spectators closer to the action than ever before.

The HFR upgrade delivers higher quality images with rapid and smooth movement and less image lag by enabling the 30,500 lumen, 3-Chip DLP laser projector to accept and output 240Hz HD signals using just one cable. The improvements delivered by the upgrade are significant. As well as enhanced images, latency can be reduced to just 5ms – compared to 82ms using predecessor Panasonic projectors, ensuring fans experience the thrill of the action in virtual real-time.

“This visual enhancement creates a fantastic live experience, enabling the audience to see and react to the action as it happens,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Business. “It’s another important addition to our complete glass-to-glass production solution for the industry – from capture right through to distribution workflow.”

Panasonic’s Esports 4K production solution is powering industry growth with technology that brings to life and shares the excitement of the gaming experience with a wider audience. It offers a large portfolio of projectors that deliver visuals for fans, with brightness up to 50,000lm and high levels of ease of use and reliability. Its wide range of displays include interactive touchscreen capabilities and are ideal for sleek video walls. The Panasonic professional camera range and IT/IP centric live video processing platform (KAIROS) can meet every Esports video production need.


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