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Panasonic Adds Interactive Versions Of Pro 4K Displays

InGlass and Infrared models join the professional 4K display line, built for executive-level meeting rooms and education respectively.


2 June 2021

Panasonic introduces interactive multi-touch versions to its range of professional 4K displays in the SQE1 and CQE1 Series. Premium InGlass and Infrared multi-touch displays will be available across the SQE1 Series, a high-end collection of bright and durable 4K UHD LCD displays with added Wi-Fi capability and a feature-packed range of functionality ideal for executive-level meeting rooms. Infrared multi-touch will be available in the CQE1 Series, designed for cost efficient use in education. The interactive displays, available in 55-86 inch models, will be available from July 2021.

Both InGlass and Infrared interactive displays support up to 20 simultaneous touch points for collaborative working, 4K Ultra HD resolution, a natural writing experience and split screen options (4 or 9). In addition, the premium InGlass models are ideal in bright light environments, such as meeting rooms, and offer 3mm protective glass with anti-glare chemical surface treatment, ultra-precise pen writing and differentiation between finger, pen and fist eraser use.

Designed for collaborative meeting

The SQE1-IG and SQE1-IR are built for 24/7 operation in modern meeting rooms and conference areas. They deliver 500 cd/m2 brightness for clear viewing in large indoor spaces. For effortless collaboration, the SQE1-IR, with its Intel SDM slot, can be used for Panasonic’s new Wireless Presentation System, called PressIT. When a completely cable-less 4K solution is preferred, the SDM Slot can also be used to fully integrate WolfVision’s Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation solution.

Designed for education

The CQE1-IR delivers an excellent viewing experience from any position in the room with 4K resolution and 400 cd/m2 brightness. Built for everyday use, it boasts a 16-hour continuous operation capability delivering both reliability and value for money and is equipped with a variety of connectivity options to make it versatile for a wide range of needs.


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Issue 27