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17 June 2015

WyreStorm's Network HD 200-series decoder
WyreStorm’s Network HD 200-series decoder


WyreStorm is showcasing its latest NetworkHD Ethernet-based HD-over-IP AV matrix distribution platform at InfoComm15, with its new 100-Series and 200-Series solutions offering robust and infinitely scalable matrix distribution and video wall functionality over a network.

Taking its cues from the initial JPEG2000 incarnation of NetworkHD, the new solutions are also built around a modular and scalable infrastructure design that allows the number of sources or zones to be expanded by simply adding more transmitters or receivers, with this next generation of NetworkHD offering a total convergence between IT and audio/video design.

The flexible, multipurpose IP network distribution systems offer modular system architecture and PoE that removes the limitations of traditional fixed platform matrix systems while offering significant cost savings when designing large scale infrastructure systems as well as integrating other features such as video wall processing (200-Series).

With low latency and low bandwidth demands, the 100-Series and 200-Series offer source HDMI to H.264 encoding, switching, decoding and control with the NHD-000-CTL control unit for content streamed simultaneously through a network switch over conventional LAN without conflicting with other IP devices that might be present, to offer efficient bandwidth management for large installations over existing LAN infrastructures.

“With this second generation IP release, we believe we have achieved the perfect balance between affordable and sustainable infrastructure costs, a high quality, feature-rich video experience including instant switching and video wall processing, while maintaining simple plug-and-play single device upgrade paths, and most importantly, effortlessly quick and easy installation,” says WyreStorm Technologies CEO Derek Hulbert. “It’s what we always intended NetworkHD to be and what HDMI-over-IP has been waiting for.”

WyreStorm's SW-0402 presentation switcher
WyreStorm’s SW-0402 presentation switcher

The company has also unveiled its first presentation switches: the SW-0402-HDMI four input to two output multi-view switcher and scaler with 4K outputs, and the SW-0501-HDBT and SW-1001-HDBT five and ten-input presentation switchers with CEC control.

The SW-0402-MW-HDMI features four inputs, each with analogue or digital AV connectivity including HDMI, VGA, YUV, CVBS and stereo audio for a total connection of up to 12 sources, with dual HDMI and coaxial S/PDIF outputs, enabling either simultaneous or 4×2 matrix modes, while offering assignable audio breakouts with variable delay for AV sync and the ability to embed audio from any input.

The result is fast, seamless switching capable of scaling output up to 4096 x 2160p and inputs scaled up from 480i to 1080p in real-time using API, front panel control or via supplied software package, with built-in web UI for advanced settings and advanced EDID management for improved communication and compatibility between connected devices.

Sources can be viewed as full or partial screen, picture-in-picture or split screen, with four 1080p sources able to be viewed on a single 4K panel, the SW-0402-MV-HDMI offers near infinite size and positioning options with advanced image processing controlling source opacity and image boarder.

The SW-0501-HDBT and its bigger brother the SW-1001-HDBT both offer multi-format input to HDBaseT output with PoH, Ethernet and serial control up to 100m/328ft, and duplicate HDMI output for fast, seamless switching and auto-scaling up to 1920×1200.

Featuring auto-switching support, obeying LIFO (Last In First Out), the SW-0501 features four HDMI inputs and a single VGA for a total of five I/O ports for signal switching and LED out for desk-mounted connection panel, while the SW-1001 adds a further two HDMI, another VGA, a DisplayPort and an HDBaseT input supporting PoH, Ethernet and 2way IR and serial control to the mix.

Audio inputs for audio embed (VGA), source and microphones are featured on both models (2 mic input and 2 audio embed on SW-1001-HDBT), with either dynamic or condenser mic supported with phantom power and downmix audio outputs and manual mic gain control via front panel.



NetworkHD 100-Series: shipping June
NetworkHD 200-Series: shipping July
SW-0402-MV-HDMI: shipping Q3 2015
SW-0501-HDBT: shipping Q3 2015
SW-1001-HDBT: shipping Q3 2015



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