New Vision F30 Floor Stand


28 October 2019

Vision’s new motorised VFM-F30 floor stand is now shipping and will sell alongside Vision’s F40. 

Like the F40 it is available as wall-fixing, portable – with grab handles included, or with a flat base to make it freestanding. It has an industry-leading 800 mm of travel. 

Vision say the guiding principle for this new product is “sleek and strong”. The telescopic leg design uses three interlocking drive shafts which smoothly and quietly adjust height. These shafts give it a very high SWL of 130 kg and make it exceptionally rigid and strong.

The telescopic design also allows the exceptional excursion. For example the display can be lowered down to ground level to wheel into a van. 

The remote control has presets and is magnetic to easily hide. Options include a laptop shelf, PTZ camera shelf, Meetup bracket, Clickshare base station shelf, Yamaha YVC-1000 shelf, Logitech Tap bracket, and a rotating mechanism for turning the display to portrait. 

Vision: visionaudiovisual.com
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au


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