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New Lumens AV over IP Solutions

New OIP line from Lumens allows 4K/30p switching over 1Gbps networks; multiple encoders, decoders and controller available


7 June 2021

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. introduces a new AV over IP product family. The first OIP 1Gbps solution includes encoders (OIP-D50E, OIP-D40E), decoders (OIP-D50D, OIP-D40D), and a controller (OIP-D50C). The OIP series delivers visually lossless 4K/1080p AV signals with ultra-low latency over long distances through standard IP networks. The solutions are ideal for a wide range of environments, such as sports bars, casinos, sports arenas, and control rooms, etc.

The OIP-D50E/D50D 4K AVoIP encoder and decoder delivers up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4 high video quality signal with no visible delay. With Lumens powerful visually lossless compression technology, the OIP-D50 series enables shrinking 4K video size without losing video quality at a fast speed, while the OIP-D40E/D40D encoder and decoder support a resolution up to 1080p.

With an OIP-D50C controller, users can manage all encoders and decoders remotely in one place, with monitoring and distribution control via a user-friendly Web GUI. Simply drag and drop the video source to display, and instantly change content to suits your video presentation needs. Through the OIP-D50C, users can also easily set up video walls, enhancing the visual experience.

Compared to traditional matrix switches limited by distance, Lumens AV over IP is much more applicable for long-distance installation. Signal transmitting via IP packets gives users significantly more flexibility and scalability for integration. With the Lumens OIP series, you can easily roll out your AV systems with long-distance transmission.

Lumens innovative AV over IP solution is designed to address the challenges that system integrators encounter when installing equipment and provide a high-efficiency, flexible and cost-effective solution.

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