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New LG IR-Based UHD Interactive Digital Boards Broaden Adoption in Corporate & Higher Ed Markets

Cost Competitive Models Bring Multi-Touch Education And Collaboration Technologies to More End Users


26 November 2019

Expanding the potential market size for Ultra HD Interactive Digital Boards, LG Business Solutions has introduced IR-based Interactive Digital Boards – the cost-competitive new LG TR3BF series available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch models. At the same time, the company announced availability of the new 86-inch (model 86TN3F) Interactive Digital Board with in-cell touch technology to provide integrators and end-users with a specialised option for enhanced collaboration.

“LG is constantly looking to develop digital solutions that businesses and schools can use to improve collaboration and information sharing,” said Clark Brown, vice president of digital signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “Our new IR and In-Cell touch models address the needs of various vertical markets with affordability and advanced functionality.”

The three new TR3BF Digital Interactive Board models combine IPS panels and IR touch technology for a responsive high-definition experience. They offer a genuine touch and writing experience with up to 20 simultaneous multi-touch points and two types of available stylus pens. The UHD displays also feature palm erasing, which allows users to easily and quickly erase text, drawings, and pictures with a swipe of their hand as if they were using an eraser on a chalkboard. Audio content is delivered through two built-in 12-watt speakers.

With enhanced classroom and meeting room support, the new IR-based 65TR3BF, 75TR3BF and 86TR3BF interactive digital boards can connect up to 30 students or participants and support interactive meetings for virtually all types of mobile devices on the same network, offering specialised tools such as voting, questionnaires, and literature-sharing. In addition to allowing users to host interactive meetings, the displays allow screen sharing with laptops and mobile devices, while all are connected to the same network, regardless of the operating system, to enable immersive class environments. All three displays make search simple with support for the Chrome web browser in Android OS, and can integrate with select Android and Note Apps to create a high-performance SoC (system on a chip) without a PC.

LG’s 86-inch 86TN3F Interactive Digital Board utilises In-Cell touch technology to provide advantages in writing performance and visibility, and also offers a crisp UHD experience with its IPS panel. LG’s pressure-sensitive Active Pen enables writing in a more natural and detailed way, strokes can be thick or thin giving realistic handwriting, while up to 20 finger multi-touch points can be used simultaneously. The display also features data mirroring technology to enable two-way writing and sharing in real-time, such as instant annotations, in addition to screen and file sharing to laptops and mobile devices through the IDB DUO app.

Offering a user-friendly experience, the 86-inch 86TN3F Interactive Digital Board is USB-C Type Ready. The display provides audio, video and power all in one, making it quick and easy to connect to other devices for smarter meetings. It also supports USB-C type cables that can replace other connectors, such as USB-B-, USB-A and HDMI.

The 86TN3F’s new Interactive Display Application introduces an intuitive user interface with a simpler launcher menu, easy control centre and a virtually seamless toolbar. By integrating both webOS and IDB apps into a high-performance SoC, the display doesn’t need a laptop to operate – it can be easily started with one touch. It includes the latest connectivity options including USB-C, HDMI and DisplayPort for installation flexibility and integration with modern peripherals and content sources. Audio is available through two 10-watt built-in speakers.

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