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18 December 2013

Neutik Connector


Neutrik has introduced the powerCON TRUE1 connectors. These new connectors fit a wide range of applications and are suited for use in the pro touring and special event markets. Of particular note, the new powerCON TRUE1 connectors are Neutrik’s first true mains connector with breaking capacity according to IEC 60320 and UL 498 standards. This feature enables these connectors to be connected and disconnected under a live load. The UL and VDE certified, single-phase system is designed for 16A, 250V. The cable connector comes with an integrated twist-lock mechanism. New model designations NAC3FX-W and NAC3MX-W, determine that the “-W” indicates weather resistance. Being IP65 weather resistant certified, these new connectors have water sealing gaskets at the rear — thus eliminating the need for overmolding in order to achieve IP-rated performance. PowerCON TRUE1 connectors are available in both male and female genders, plus in/out duplex chassis connectors for devices that get daisy chained, such as lighting fixtures.

Australian Distributor: Amber Technology 1800 251367 or www.ambertech.com.au


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