9 January 2019

QSC has announced the Q-SYS NV Series (NV-32-H) network video endpoint for the Q-SYS Ecosystem. This native, multi-stream, software-defined HDMI encoder/decoder enables network-based video distribution, optimised specifically for the meeting room. It features the new QSC Shift video compression codec which provides low latency video streaming with resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 over a standard gigabit network by dynamically adjusting network bandwidth consumption based on video content. This provides flexible and network efficient compression and distribution of common meeting room video content without sacrificing the ability to stream full motion video.

As a single SKU solution, the NV Series is software-defined as either an HDMI video encoder or decoder, and allows for several unique I/O configurations. This flexibility allows for a multitude of room design and deployment options, including simultaneous stream encoding/decoding for multiscreen room designs.

In addition to its video distribution capabilities, NV Series also provides seamless integration of soft codec audio and Q-SYS conference camera sources via USB for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet and Cisco WebEx, all without the need for additional control processors, hubs, bridges or complicated, time-consuming programming.

“Unlike other AV-over-IP products on the market, the NV Series is native to the most powerful, flexible and scalable audio, video & control (AV&C) platforms on the market – the Q-SYS Ecosystem. This provides Q-SYS users a tightly integrated solution that is faster and simpler to set up and maintain than other video distribution solutions,” says Mike Brandes, Product Manager, Q-SYS Video, QSC. “Users now have a holistic approach for existing or new AV&C meeting room designs while delivering the right balance of quality, latency and network efficiency needed for real-time video distribution.”

Integrators can also route network audio between NV Series video endpoints and any other Q-SYS peripherals leveraging the Q-LAN network technology. They can also take advantage of feature-rich Q-SYS technologies such software-based processing and drag-and-drop GUI creation and deployment to control the NV Series.

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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